CleanCore UK Join Omeetoo Combined Arts

Pioneering manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning company CleanCore UK joins Omeetoo C A for a new partnership in collaborative practice in the cleaning and creative industries.

The project hopes to empower, enlighten and engage public facing institutions in their commitment to their staff, their customers and the environment. Plans are being laid down with other partners in Coventry and beyond in what we hope will become a program which will get rolled out across the UK.

see above pull down menu for Creative Ranges: Care to Clean pilot project.

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Daily ‘Living Tips’ from Omeetoo’s Agentia Alexandria

Today I am moving beyond research, planning, preparation and dreaming into doing, reaching, exploring and testing an offering that has been a very long time in the making. This is a product launch of me as a mentor, guide, coach and therapist in the realms of psycho-physical wellbeing, rehabilitation and elite performance.  The name of this new ‘conceptualisation’ is Agentia Alexandria. It looks to help all kinds of people in their lives by providing daily tips and hints about how they can improve themselves physically, mentally and spiritually everyday.

‘Living Tips’

At first, these ‘tips’ will be very personal to me, based on my learnings as well as my lived experience.  They may take the form of writing or some kind of storytelling, or maybe just a simple physical stretch or a meditative visualisation.  For those who know me well, and are afraid that this means Bruce will be doing less dancing as a result of this ‘move’ to online coaching, Rest assured that Dancing will be involved!  

These ‘Living Tips’ should last no more than 10 mins (I would say 5 mins but I know myself better than that!) and they will follow on from the previous day’s tip.  Yet these are only a small taste of what Agentia Alexandria has to offer.  As questions and comments come in from the outside, I will look to address those as well.

There will be lots of ways of reaching me and working with me in the future and lots of packages to buy in order to secure my regular and ongoing support, attention and guidance.  Live Coaching will be available online for individual and/or group sessions and in person at various locations and times throughout the year, TBA – watch his space and prepare your space to be held in a way that you never knew possible!

I look forward to sharing with you soon.

Bruce Tetlow

Guide, Agentia Alexandria
Omeetoo Combined Arts Ltd.

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Winter’s Tale Continues – Back in Coventry, 29th & 30th Sept. 2017

This is Shakespeare in the streets at it’s very best, in collaboration with Teatr Biuro Podróży (Travel Agency Theatre) from Poland.  It tells the story mainly through action, setting, image, and music so it works for many tastes and at many levels.  Bruce plays the King of Bohemia!  as well as others… (no type casting there!)

Come and enjoy!

Part of Festival of Imagineers

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Total Theatre Training, Green Lane Club, Coventry

Total Theatre Training

Coventry-based arts company Omeetoo Combined Arts believe that musical, physical and dramatic expression is an essential part of a young person’s development. We are now offering performing arts tuition for children aged 4-15 years at the Green Lane Club, Leasowes Avenue, CV3 6BH.

Class Age Range, Times and Prices

Both Sessions will run on a Monday and a Wednesday

4-8 year olds, 4:30 -5:15pm,   £4 each

9-15 year olds, 5:15 -6:30pm,  £6 each

Please note payment for participation is best made using the online payment facility on the local giving website  and type in omeetoo or the CV3 6DA postcode.

What is Total Theatre Training?

Total Theatre Training develops the complete performer by maintaining the integrity of the physical, musical, and dramatic elements of expression.  At the heart of this training is the belief that learning is fun and should seek to respect and encourage the unique qualities of each individual person.  The learning environment is always therefore patient, safe and positive.

Through drama games students will celebrate difference and character, making room for self discovery and expression.  Through focused warm up exercises, we will learn about how the body and voice actually work, with particular attention to anatomical knowledge, breath awareness and external focus.  Through physical and vocal exploration of a song, we learn about composition, story telling, intention and ultimately artistry in performance.

What will we work toward?

These classes will follow a simple process of learning a song.  Each time we approach a new song we will do it differently depending on the song and the ideas from the group.

Early on, children will learn about:

  • rhythm, melody, and harmony of music;
  • articulation, coordination, and balance of physical expression.

The older children will progress further into:

  • thematic and textual analysis and emotional journey of a song
  • musical analysis, music visualisation and choreography skills
  • improvisation and composition techniques
  • solo and group performance skills

Using the skills developed in the Total Theatre Training approach, the song will get interpreted, translated, reformed and finally performed before we move on to the next one, every 2-3 weeks.  Over time, the students will gain a sensitive, considered and confident approach the physical, vocal and dramatic performance a song.

Arts Awards

Students will have the opportunity to work towards nationally recognized certificates through the Arts Awards/Trinity College London.

see this link for more info on Arts Awards

What do I need to participate?

Will all students please wear loose clothing, with both long sleeves/legs and short sleeves and multiple layers are good to best regulate body temperature.  Bare feet are used for movement work but please bring socks to avoid ‘cold feet’ for the acting and singing work.  Please also bring a labelled water bottle for short thirst breaks.  We will not be working with musical instruments during the initial 6 week course so please leave them at home for now.

Contact :

or Bruce: 07766562028.

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Positive Images Festival – Omeetoo Performance

On March 19th, 9pm, Omeetoo will do a dance performance at the Ukraininan Cultural Centre, Corner of Leicester Causway and Newland Rd, Coventry, CV1.

The performers will be a mix of adults and children, with mixed abilities.  All are welcome to join in.  There will be an emphasis on positive participation and an opportunity to join in the fun.  If you wish to dress for the occasion, wear either loose black trousers and a white t-shirt or your favourite fancy dress outfit, your choice!  Hope to see you there!

Special Rehearsal / Trial Run : 1-3pm Friday 18th March, Grapevine, Doe Bank Lane, Spon End, Coventry, CV1 3AR

March 19th, meet at the venue at 7:30pm for a quick warm-up and a little pre-performance refreshment.


Please call Bruce on 07766562028 for more details

There will be other performances starting at 7pm so arrive early and be entertained!

Celebrate Coventry’s Diversity with The Positive Images Concert of Multicultural Music and Dance

On Saturday 19 March 2011 at Ukrainian Hall, Leicester Causeway from 7.00pm – 10.00pm

FREE Music and Dance from Ukrainian, English, Irish, Bengali, Chinese and other artists.

  • On street parking
  • Entry on the door
  • Bar with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks
  • Food available on the night

Funded by Faith in the Community … see this link for more info…

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Adult Integrated Dance Classes

Adult Integrated Dance Classes with and without special needs in Coventry and North Warwickshire:




We welcome anyone interested in exploring contemporary approaches to expressive movement in a friendly and respectful atmosphere.  This includes students, and older people.

Mondays 1:30-2:30 pm, Croxhall Centre,  Bedworth, £ 3 per person

Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 am, Ramsden Centre, School Walk, Nuneaton, £3 per person

Tuesdays 1-2pm, Owen Street Community Centre, Atherstone, CV9, £ 3 per person

Thursdays 10:30-11:30 am, Eric Williams House, Brookeside Ave, Coventry CV5, £ 3 per person

Fridays 1:15-2:45 pm, ICE, Parkside, Coventry, CV1, £ 3 per person

For registration and information,  please contact :

Bruce Tetlow      Dance Artist         Omeetoo Combined Arts Ltd.

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Journal entry October 4th, 2010

I’m adding to my journal, as part of my artistic journey.  We are looking to find a venue in Coventry in the next few months… it needs to be central, accessible, a place where the public go and can watch if they want, have an outside space where site work can happen…

The Coventry Transport Museam is one possibility… what do you think?

Any others?

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Autumn 2010

We are planning a great autumn full of opportunities for dancers, dance students, adult learners, and even kids musicals so stay tuned for more!

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Hello world!

Welcome to Omeetoo’s Blog, I really hope you get to use this and make it your own, share info on workshops, reflections etc.  and I’d really like to share my ideas with you and see where we can take the company forward in a really democratic way… The more ideas and input at this point the better… I’ll make some posts and you can feedback on them and if you have some completely new ideas, start your own post…

ciao for now…

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